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Acupuncture Helps Renew Life From Addiction

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When your life has been touched by addiction, one of the most profound changes in renewing your life is seeking disease treatment. Traditional Chinese Medicine can help with the vital first steps.


Emotional Roller Coaster

Addiction in and of itself results in dramatic emotional changes for everyone involved. When the first steps towards recovery are taken, that roller coaster changes direction, but can be just as scary. A combination of western medical treatment and Traditional Chinese Medicine can help ease the emotional turmoil.


As scary as the upcoming unknown is, having a plan in place helps ease natural anxieties. Both modalities will implement a plan which should be customized to each patient. Acupuncture and associated methods in Traditional Chinese Medicine are individualized on a case by case basis.


Detoxification and rehabilitation must be done in a holistic way, with the support of loved ones and professionals in order to work. By addressing psychological, physical and emotional symptoms, the patient has a better chance of renewing their life.


Withdrawal Symptoms

The symptoms of withdrawal are often most unpleasant part of the initial process. Once your body becomes dependent on the substance, it will eventually become dependant, which feeds into the psychological need. Western medicine uses medication to treat symptoms chemically, while acupuncture balances qi.


Used together, these modalities compliment each other beautifully. Acupuncture has been used to treat addiction for over 200 years in China, and has grown more popular around the world, including in Minnesota. Today, many medical clinics and rehabilitation facilities embrace acupuncture as a way to help alleviate symptoms like pain and nausea.


If you would like more information about how acupuncture can help you or a loved one in treating withdrawal symptoms, give our Maple Grove acupuncture office a call.

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