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Heart, Heat, Summer

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, each season corresponds with both an element and an organ. The organ for summer is the Heart, and the element is fire. These both correspond with emotions as well as the cardiovascular system.


Heart Fire
When our bodies are invaded by heat, emotional disturbances and heart related symptoms arise. Some of the physical symptoms are shortness of breath and high blood pressure. High blood pressure contributes to greater risk of heart attack and shortness of breath can be a symptom. Always seek emergency medical treatment if you suspect you are having a heart attack.

That said, when heat invades, you may also feel disoriented. It can also result in overthinking, which leads to anxiety and insomnia. While this imbalance can be serious, recognizing warning signs early can head off more serious symptoms.


Balance the Heat
Your TCM practitioner will look for specific symptoms, including the color of your face and your tongue. Because heat rises and the heart meridian opens on the tongue, there may be redness in both. During your session, they’ll work on balancing the heat in your system with acupuncture, but they may also give you advice on how to work on achieving balance away from the office. Some ways include eating cooling foods, like watermelon. They may also advise you on lifestyle changes to address emotional imbalances, such as excessive anger and anxiety. Some measures may be meditation or practices in mindfulness.


Fire is the element of expansion, energy, and passion, but too much could cause trouble. Because summer is so closely affiliated with fire, it’s easy to become overwhelmed during the warmer months. If you need help in balancing your heart fire or the rest of the elements in your body, give our Maple Grove office a call for help.

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